Nitches Corp (OTCMKTS:NICH) Stock Falls After Recent News

On Thursday Nitches Corp (OTCMKTS:NICH) was in focus among investors after it announced that it had gone into a new venture into the spirits industry with the launch of an exclusive premium aged whiskey. The product would be launched by the company in collaboration with a celebrity partner, which would be named soon.

Nitches Corp To Launch An Exclusive Premium Aged Whisky with Celebrity Partner

The product is unique in nature since the company is seeking to disrupt the liquor market with an approach driven by data-guided brand ownership and high-level insight into customers. The product is going to launch initially in the form of ready-to-serve bottles and that is an approach that follows in the footsteps of brands like Bulleit Whiskey and Grey Goose.

Not too long ago Grey Goose launched the ‘Perfect Martini’ and Bulleit Whiskey launched the ‘Manhattan Cocktail’ in ready-to-serve bottles and both of those proved to be successes. Nitches is going to leverage technology and data-based insights to have a better idea about the preferences of customers. The company hopes to make an imprint in the market by becoming the first of its kind offering in the market and gain market share quickly.

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