Radar Stocks Under 1¢: MWWC, CNNA, BLLB, AXXA, RDAR, ALST

The stock market is a hugely competitive and cut throat place and it takes a lot of research and knowledge for any investors to make profits with any kind of consistency. For instance, certain stocks may be in the news too frequently and may quickly become saturated or overbought. Hence, it is necessary for investors to do the necessary research for the purpose of discovering those stocks which may be a bit under the radar. This article is going to provide you with a look into some of the stocks trading at less than a cent which is currently a bit under the radar.

Marketing Worldwide Corporation (OTCMKTS:MWWC) – Yesterday Marketing Worldwide Corporation came into the news cycle after it announced that it had approved a reverse stock split of its shares.

The board of directors approved the move on the advice of Robert Blagman, its TCO, and the company would now explore avenues for raising further capital through methods that would not dilute its shares. The move could well prove to be a significant positive for its shareholders and potential investors.

Cann American Corp (OTCMKTS:CNNA) is another stock to keep on your radar. Earlier this month, the company completed the acquisition of regenerative medicine firm Prodigy Stem Cell Inc.

The New Jersey-based company, which is involved in marketing, consultation, and sales with regard to regenerative medicine, would operate as a fully owned subsidiary of Cann American following the acquisition.

Bell Buckle Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: BLLB) – Earlier in the month Bell Buckle Holdings Inc was in the news following some positive developments with regards to its subsidiary company Jump Start Sports.

It was announced at the time that Jump Start Sports had managed to sell three of its franchise territories in Greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and parts of Delaware and Chester Counties. It was a major milestone for the company.

Exxe Group Inc (OTCMKTS: AXXA) – Any company that manages to reduce its debt load is perhaps worth tracking and Exxe Group Inc is one of those.

Earlier in the month on March 7, the company announced that since March 31, 2022, it had managed to reduce its debts to $49,356,045 from $56,525,384. That reflected a reduction of around $7.2 million. During the same period, the company had also managed to reduce its liabilities by $11.9 million.

RAADR Inc (OTCMKTS: RDAR) – RAADR Inc is best known for having developed an app that fights cyber bullying on social media and the internet. Earlier on in the year on February 9, the company announced that it had been successful in launching its iOS app.

The app could be downloaded for free by any user with an iPhone. The Android application had been launched back on January 25 this year.

AllStar Health Brands Inc (OTCMKTS: ALST) – AllStar Health Brands Inc has been in the news for quite a while due to its Sports Metaverse Mega Mall project. Last month on February 21 the company was in the news after it announced that it was in talks with an Italian soccer club for the purpose of bringing it to North America. AllStar Health Brands  was going to act as its North American partner.

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