RJD Green Inc (OTCMKTS:RJDG) Stock On Radar After a Key Update

On Wednesday RJD Green Inc (OTCMKTS:RJDG) announced that is healthcare business division had engaged the services of JBF Research. JBF Research is an independent data research company that had been set up to research the entirety of the marketing process.

The research includes a deep look into everything starting from core research to content creation and eventually to the task of generating leads. JFB Research has claimed the peer-based surveys had revealed that demand driver research provided more original insights that were necessary to drive lead generation. Not too long ago RJD Green revealed how the phenomenon of process automation had an effect on the medical claims administration business.

The company hired JFB Research for the purpose of interviewing as many as 50 executives who worked at medical claims administration companies. The interviews had been conducted so as to have a better idea about the cost pressures at those organizations and the technical necessities that needed to be in place so as control the burdens of cost.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Ron Brewer spoke about the move as well. He noted that the company was committed to maintaining its position as the leader in the technological level of the industry.