Sibannac Inc (OTCMKTS:SNNC) is Moving In The Right Direction: Here Are Major Developments

Last week the Nevada Corporation Sibannac Inc (OTCMKTS:SNNC) had come into significant focus among investors after the company made a key announcement.

Enter Letter Of Intent To Market Plant-Based Vaccine

Back on January 18, 2021, the company announced that it had signed a letter of intent for the Ohio-based firm SPUR Biotech LLC.

In this regard, it ought to be noted that SPUR is involved in the development of vaccines which are derived from plants. As per the letter of intent signed between the two parties, Sibannac is going to be involved in marketing a plant-based vaccine that is being developed by SPUR Biotech at this point in time. SPUR is best known for deploying Controlled Environment Agriculture or CEA for the purposes of growing leafy greens sustainably and eventually using them to develop vaccines.

The vaccine for which the letter of intent has been signed is currently under development and is developed from lettuce. Lettuce is believed to be perfect for bio-reactive products. In this context, investors ought to have some idea about the sort of product that Sibannac is going to market. One of the biggest advantages of plant-based vaccines lies in the fact that plants can be grown easily. In addition to that, the vaccines in question do not require refrigeration either.

Last week, it was announced that Sibannac was looking to create a joint venture with SPUR. As part of this joint venture, Sibannac is going to be responsible for the branding as well as a marketing strategy for the distribution of the plant-based vaccine from SPUR.

This was a major new development for the company and one that is certainly going to be on the minds of many investors when they consider the stock.

Pursues Patented Technology And Identifies Products For New Consumer Brand

Back on December 13, 2021, the company had made another announcement that showcased its commitment to continue to come up with innovative wellness products.

Sibannac announced that it had signed a non-disclosure agreement with a technology company for a wearable tech healthcare product for which patent is pending. The innovative product comes with wearable sensors that is linked directly to a software application that can comprehend the data.

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