Coretec Group (OTCMKTS:CRTG) to Participate In Two Upcoming Broadcast Calls

The Coretec Group (OTCMKTS:CRTG) is involved in the development of silicon anode active materials for cyclohexasilane and lithium-ion batteries for clean tech, electric vehicles and emerging tech applications. The company announced yesterday that it was going to participate in and host two upcoming calls.

The Coretec Group Announces Two Upcoming Broadcast Calls

One of those would be a shareholder call meant for answering the questions of shareholders, and discussion on recent achievements and the future. The second call would be with industry leaders in the energy storage space and would entail a discussion on the current battery market. The call with the shareholders would take place on May 18 Thursday at 10 in the morning Eastern Time.

The call is going to be headed by the company’s Chief Executive Officer Matt Kappers and Dr. Michelle Tokarz, the Vice President of Partnerships and Innovation. During that call, the two executives are going to touch upon the Endurion battery development program, and intellectual property updates and provide information on the next steps. The purpose of both calls would be to provide vital information to shareholders and partners and provide a clearer view of the company’s suite of products and the market needs that Coretec is looking to address.

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