Spooz Inc (OTCMKTS:SPZI) Stock In Limelight: Company Announces Impressive Plan

Spooz Inc (OTCMKTS:SPZI) is regarded as one of the more innovative operators in the niche that is related to the hedging and trading space. In essence, Spooz is a hedging and trading firm but it also develops niche technologies of its own.

The technologies are geared toward the acquisition of commodity-based assets as well as in entities that actually produce commodities and service providers which help products.

Spooz, Inc. (SPZI) Announces its Unique and Diverse Plan to Generate Revenue from Global Forest Acquisitions

Yesterday, Spooz came into focus after it made an announcement with regards to its plans for actually generating revenues. At the end of the day, revenue generation is something that all potential investors are going to be interested in and hence, yesterday’s announcement was a significant one from Spooz.

Spooz announced yesterday that it was going to look into producing revenues by way of forest acquisitions. The company seeks to make these acquisitions by way of three of its subsidiary company, Spooz Forest Services LLC, Spooz Technologies LLC and Spooz Asset Management LLC. The Chief Executive Officer of the company Paul Strickland spoke about the matter as well. He noted that Spooz has made considerable progress in recent times and has also managed to meet its goals for the first fiscal quarter.

He went on to state that at this point in time the company was working on the negotiations involved with the acquisition of some forestry assets. However, he went on to add that Spooz was going to continue to look for properties in the forestry sector in the future as well.

That being said, Strickland added that the acquisitions are only going to be considered if the assets meet the pre-set financial criteria. While it does remain to be seen if the company can manage to turn this strategy into tangible success, it might be a good idea for investors to keep an eye on the developments in the coming weeks.

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