SusGlobal Energy Corp (OTCMKTS:SNRG) Stock In Focus After Recent Developments

The circular economy might seem like a fairly new-fangled concept to many but it is something that has taken center stage all over the world at a time when environmental concerns have become significant. Hence, it is perhaps no surprise that more and more investors are nowadays looking into companies that are involved in the circular economy.

At this point in time, SusGlobal Energy Corp (OTCMKTS:SNRG) is regarded as one of the leading operators of the circular economy.

About The Company

The company is involved in turning sustainable waste into energy and other regenerative products. At this point in time, the company is best known for being one of the more dependable services providers in the agricultural, fertilizer, and soil market.

Now that you have a fair idea about the company’s actual business, it is now time to take a look at some of the actual developments in order to have a better idea about its prospects.

SusGlobal Appoints Dominique Kelly as Environmental Compliance Officer

As it happens, earlier on in the month on January 19 the company had actually come into focus after that it had appointed a new Environmental Compliance Officer in the form of Dominique Kelly. The appointment went into effect on January 1, 2022, and it could prove to be one of the more important appointments for SusGlobal in the years to come.

In the context of this appointment, it is also necessary to note that Kelly has been with the company for three years and had served as the Environmental Compliance & Project Development Manager at SusGlobal. The Chief Executive Officer, President, and Executive Chairman of the company, Marc Hazout, spoke about the appointment as well.

He stated that Kelly has been instrumental in the company’s environmental strategy and has led the company through a range of regulatory issues. While this was a significant development in itself, the company had announced earlier on in the month that its fully owned subsidiary firm SusGlobal Energy Belleville Ltd had been awarded the license number 2984 for the Pt. Lot 20, Conc. 8, Geographic Township. It had also been approved by The Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry.

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