Xalles Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:XALL) Stock On Radar After Acquiring Patient Healthcare Solutions

Fintech holding company, Xalles Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:XALL) on April 18, 2023, announced implementing and completing Share Exchange Agreement with Patient Healthcare Solutions (PHCS)

PHCS, a Florida-based Medical Services Organization, has more than three decades of medical management experience and expertise, especially in medical network management located in the Tampa Bay metroplex market. Medical services organization is a business providing non-medical and administrative services to hospitals, physicians as well as other healthcare practices. This helps in making practices more efficient in domains such as equipment, medical software, and other services.

The company’s vision is to create and operate an integrated network of clinics, physicians, and hospitals in the area through healthcare-related administrative tools. This will facilitate in establishing a seamless system of efficient communication as well as patient-oriented benefits.

The firm has proven leadership in establishing networks and has witnessed robust business relationships with some hospital groups. One of the parts of PHCS’s business model is to explore and nurture innovative healthcare programs benefiting underserved veterans.

Dr. Alan J. Iezzi has provided the leadership propelling PHCS as a recognized force.

Thomas Nash, CEO of Xalles Holdings said that PHCS is a key piece of the puzzle to build out a set of value-based healthcare financial services. Nash added that these include reinsurance, staffing,benefits as well as small employer market and veterans.